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"Ms. Caprece, I’ve been invited to attend the Emmy’s! I have an idea about what I want to wear. Can you recommend a Stylist?"

"Ms. Caprece, can you help us identify a few designers and models for our upcoming fundraiser?"

Caprece...Ms. Caprece...Aunty Caprece...

I get all kind of requests for wardrobe and beauty services! Most of the time I help them find what they’re looking for.  I handle each request as either a custom quote, community service or 

Industry-service, a la carte rate. My goal: to fulfill the need by providing effective service that produces win-win outcomes for everyone involved.” Click the link to contact me directly and receive a personalized quote for project. Serious inquiries only.



"Aunty Caprece, I’m planning a fashion show to present my collection. It’s been a while. I’ve grown.  I need help with a few things.  Can you meet with me?"

"Ms. Caprece are you available to sit on our model call panel?"

Silver Boots

"Aunty Caprece, I need a bio.  Can you help me?"


"Caprece, my daughter’s going to the Prom this year!  I’m looking for a designer and a MUA. Can you recommend anyone?"

"Ms. Caprece, can you help me update my resume?"  


"Caprece, my organization is looking for a commentator to host the fashion show of our upcoming fundraiser?  Are you available?"

"Caprece,  I’m receiving an award in a couple of weeks, and I’ve got this dress. May I send you a picture of it.  Can you give me a few suggestions on what you think I should wear with it?"

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