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to my cyber home!

So delighted you chose to drop by!


There are a gazillion places to visit on the Web, 

and you’ve chosen to visit my website, 

and learn more about me!

There are so many Me’s! --Producer, Curator, Host, Mom, Muse, Fine Arts Programmer, 

F.I.T. Alum, Publicist, Chronic Fashionista, Strategic Marketing Consultant, 60+ Model, Traveller, Fashion Futurist, Afrofuturist, Millennial Boomer, former Playboy Bunny and Parisian, Aunty, Friend, Coach, Mentor, Creator, and last but certainly not least, a staunch Advocate of perpetuating Fashion as an art form manifested through the mediums of cloth, fiber and embellishment | brought to Life on Limb!


How would I describe myself in three words?

Passionate. Authentic. Creative.


What fuels my Creativity?

Inspiration. Obstacles. Love.


 about a few of my many Me’s! --

  • As a Producer, Curator, Commentator & Host I have successfully produced a myriad of events over the last 30 years, presided over dozens of fashion shows and special events, curated numerous LIVE performance art Installations and staged productions.​


  • As Aunt Caprece to my nieces: Cipriana and Takenya “TK Wonder” Quann, who inspired me to create an Instagram Page; my nephew and niece, John Edward Cole and Marion “Missy” Hayward. 


  • As “Aunty Caprece” | Coach | Mentor to 50+ rising stars (designers, models, MUAs, producers) in the Fashion Industry now realizing the capacity of their chosen disciplines and professions, in pulse-point markets stateside and throughout the world. 


  • A Chronic Fashionista, since I snuck backstage and witnessed backstage magic at the age of 10 underneath the accessories table at my 1st Ebony Fashion Fair Show!


  • Muse of Patrick Kelly, the 1st American Designer to present during Paris Fashion Week.  He was like my brother when I lived in Paris.  He was a major influence as it regards the development of my personal style 


  • As a 50+ Model, I’ve been asked to represent my age group more and more over the last several years, as this emerging era of conscious inclusivity within the fashion and beauty industry embraces real women to represent brands, targeted audience and marketing efforts.


  • As a Fashion Futurist, Afrofuturist I am inspired to create and manifest visionary portals of wearable perspective by channeling my aesthetic impulses and divine revelations through the mediums of cloth, fiber and embellishment.


  • As an Advocate of wearable art and sustainable fashion, I am committed to coaching emerging design talent, showcasing curated conceptual designers; and producing revenue-generating platfom opportunites,


  • As a Producer, and Fine Arts Programmer, I absolutely love creating and producing live art installations, staged performance art experiences, motivational and wearable art presentations.


  • As Millennial Boomer, who has chosen to flow with the seismic wave of evolution at 60+, I am on the pioneering frontline redefining the norms associated with aging, just a my generation recalibrated style norms for the childbearing phase of a women’s life.  Remember Demi Moore’s silhouette on that iconic edition of Vogue Magazine?


  • As a former Parisian, New Yorker, Washingtonian, Ohioan, Cameroonian,Baltimore resident, I continue to live life as a seamless adventure with ongoing gratitude and thanks for life lessons along the way.

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My raison d’etre | Mission | Legacy Projects

  • To produce a 7-10 city tour of Fashion Comes to Life, an innovative, live performance theatre experience showcasing wearable art and sustainable fashion.

  • To market the iconic Happy I’m Nappy Collectibles, now in the permanent collection of the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)

  • 50+ Style NOW! | Developing Personal Style Salon Chat Series & Motivational Presentations

  • To write a book or two about, and inspired by Life.

  • To Create, CREate, CREATE whatever I can create as my legacy contribution toward shaping the future of Humanity and the planet called Earth that we call home.

Ten 10 Things that very few people know about me!

  1. My favorite color is Orange.

  2. I only wear lipstick on my  bottom lip. 25 years and counting! Muah!

  3. I relocated to Paris, France with a one-way ticket, $100, and one suitcase on October 7, 1979, at the age of 23; and stayed for 5-years. 

  4. Sometimes I boarded international flights with no luggage.  I would purchase a toothbrush and floss when I landed.

  5. I am totally enamored by sightings of Red Cardinals.

  6. I wore a glorious head of cultivated, blonde Locs between July 28, 1998 and August,  2008!

  7. My alma mater, The Fashion Institute of Technology, was the first place I felt totally free enough to express the multiple Me’s inside of me.  One day vintage asian, the next battle-ready head-to-toe camouflage fatigues, stripes and checks, whatever concepts and palettes I was inspired to wear for classes on any given day.

  8. I have been gifted with the aesthetic sensibility that allows me to merge the classic style standards of a boomer with emerging parameters of Millenial signature

  9. I love to evolve, and morph into the countless Me’s inside of Me!

  10. I chose to accept myself long ago, then I began to go where inspiration and purpose led me.  I love being as I am. I wear whatever I choose to, when I want to, how I want to.  I am free of the need to validate myself according to the societal standards and norms. I celebrate who I am, authentically & unapologetically without compromising my confidence and self-esteem.

  11. I refuse to smother my creativity, in order to fit someone else’s prescribed notions and parameters. Fashion is a fine arts medium that allows me to express my creativity and manifest my aesthetic impulses by channeling my perspective through cloth, fiber and embellishment.

  12. I do at least 20 push-ups and planks everyday.

  13. I floss daily

  14. I eat very little meat and drink very little fruit juices, no processed meats or soda, avoid bread and eat minimal starches unless its a pasta mixed with veggies and shrimp (my fav), focus on salad, soups and small plates of whatever I want to consume.

A Few of My Favorite Things


  1. Collard Greens

  2. Truite Meuniere

  3. Pasta with veggies & shrimp

  4. Fois Gras

  5. Smoked Salmon

  6. Champagne

  7. Smelling the bouquet of a Argentinan Malbec, or fragrant St. Emillion  

  8. Leopard

  9. Houndstooth

  10. Mixing Prints

  11. A Mani-Pedi

  12. A Steamy Shower

  13. A Good Stretch

  14. A Morning Walk

  15. House Music

  16. Tibetan Bell Bowl Music

  17. Frankinscence & Myrrh

  18. Eucalytus

  19. Orange Lipstick

  20. Bonne Maman Jam

  21. Grey Poupon Moutarde

  22. Mango Sorbet

  23. Lemon Water

  24. A Great Party

  25. A Great Find

  26. Eyeliner

  27. Poise

  28. Sophistication

  29. Slinky Limbs

  30. Swag

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